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Lovely magnets to accent your photo display! Each piece of Roeda decorative art is laser cut from metal and hand-painted to be a magnetic work of art!  Easily switch magnets for the season, a holiday, or a family celebration. Includes super strong magnets that will easily hold your notes and photos! Each piece measures 2.5"" high. Hand-painted at Roeda Studio in Grand Rapids, MI, USA.
Made in United States

Flowers include: 3 flowers (2.5" tall x 1" wide)

Succulents include: 3 potted succulents (1.5" x 2")

Hearts include: 6 hearts (1" x 1")

Teacher includes: 3 teacher graphic magnets (2.8" x 1.2")

Mini Magnets include: 16 mini button, super strong magnets

Magnet Sets

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